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Prior to your appointment with us, you will need to bring your insurance card, physician referral forms, prescriptions, medications, X-Rays and other records for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Since our inception in 1978, The Neurological and Headache Center of Omaha, NE, has been leveraging top-quality treatment for headaches and pains within the scope of neurology.

Dr. Golnick is a neurologist and is under the medical direction of Jan Jerzy Golnick, M.D. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, American Headache Society, and other related organizations.

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You'll get complete medical care from our doctors. From consultation to effective diagnosis, treatment to medications and follow-ups, we do them all for you. Call 402-926-4200.


Our neurologists are certified by the Fellow of American Headache Society and carry over 37 years of experience. Count on our professionals to give you the personalized care you need.

If you're searching for quick, affordable, and reliable medical treatments, look no further. We are committed to delivering quality medical care services for affordable prices. Contact us today!

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