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Migraine Treatments

Head Trauma

Neck Injury

Are you experiencing a migraine headache? Not to worry, we're ready to help. Migraine headaches can be a painful experience. Allow Dr. Golnick to ease the pain. Get in touch with us!

Traumatic brain injury can induce major damage to the brain tissue resulting in headache, seizure, and depression. Allow our medical team to leverage superb treatments for you.

Neck injury due to accidents can result in long-term pain in the neck, ligament tear, neck sprain, and whiplash injuries. Medical care is required to relieve the neck pain and injury.

Multiple Sclerosis

Facial Pain

Cluster Headache

Multiple sclerosis occurs between the ages of 20 and 50 and causes inflammation and scarring in the myelin sheath. Rely on our medical professionals for effective treatment.

Patients suffering from facial pain can experience cramping, burning, and aching on one side of the face. Relieve your pain and get quality treatment from our doctors today. Contact us!

Cluster or histamine headache is a vascular headache that typically lasts for few moments to 2-hours. Bank on our medical team to address your pain right away! Call 402-926-4200.


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