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Precise medical diagnosis is always a prerequisite. New patients spend sufficient time with Dr. Golnick and his staff to explain the symptoms, history, headache condition and more.

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Our professionals can assist you with dietary management, physical medicine modalities, and Botox for chronic migraine to relieve pain. Treatment also includes abortive therapies. Contact us now!

Pain management and headache requires timely medications. Prescriptions are refilled at scheduled office visits. Refills of prescriptions on weekends or after hours are discouraged.

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Neurological and Headache Center Evaluation of Patients with Headache Disorders

Successful headache treatment begins with an accurate neurological diagnosis of the cause of headache. Headache is a complicated multi-factorial disorder requiring concentrated time and understanding. New patients spend adequate time with Dr. Golnick and his staff to discuss their headache, review headache history and physical symptoms. All headache treatment follows from the extensive evaluation. New patients should anticipate a two hour visit at the Neurological and Headache Center.

Diagnostic Testing

Neurological and Headache Center provides in-house neuro-diagnostic testing for initial and interim assessment. More complex testing such as MRI or CT of the brain are usually scheduled at the nearest hospital or facility for patient convenience.


Treatment planning begins at the first visit to the Neurological and Headache Center. Since each patients headache is a unique entity a specific treatment plan is designated to each individual. Patients with frequent and disabling headache are treated with various preventative medications. The headache treatment also includes the latest effective abortive therapy.  The treatment plan includes dietary management, physical therapy, nerve block and appropriate lifestyle changes.


Nearly every headache condition can be successfully managed even though for some headache conditions no cure can be provided maintaining scheduled treatment sessions and following the treatment plan is essential to optimal headache management. In addition to individual care we also emphasize patient education through reading material, consultations with staff member or sometime outside consultant. Treatment planning for the referred patient is coordinated with care and treatment provided by the referring physician.


Patients are seen by appointment only. The Neurological and Headache Center accepts referral from physicians and self-referred patients with significant headache disorders.

Payment Policies

The Neurological and Headache Center recognizes the personal expenses of healthcare costs and seeks to provide treatment that is cost effective.

Insurance Accepted

  • Most Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans are accepted.

  • Cigna

  • Aetna

  • Most Coventry of Nebraska Plans are accepted.

  • Medica (Midlands Choice)

  • United Healthcare

  • United Healthcare HMO (Referral Required)

  • UMR

  • Tricare (Referral Required)

  • Coventry of Iowa (Referral Required)

  • Qual Choice

  • Health Partners

  • Neurological and Headache Center is out-of-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska Select Plan